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    It was 1969 when Sifu John Longobardi began learning combat arts at the youthful age of 15, by studying Okinawan Ishinru Karate, a martial art that stemmed from the original Okinawa Te (Okinawa Hand).  He also trained in western boxing at the Christian Youth Organization.  In 1972, at 18 years of age, he studied Japanese Shotokan Karate, achieving the rank of 6th Kyu (Green Belt), then, the school closed down. 
     It was at this time that Sifu Longobardi decided to learn Kung Fu and joined a Kung Fu club located in Chinatown, New York, where he studied Praying Mantis Kung Fu.  However, he was not impressed with the Praying Mantis method because it did not seem practical enough for real street self-defense.

     In 1975 Sifu Longobardi began his Wing Chun training at the New York Wing Chun Kung Fu Club, in Queens, New York, with Sifu Chung Kwok Chow, originally of Hong Kong.  He later continued his training with Sifu Jose' Colon, a direct disciple of Chung Kwok Chow.
Sifu Longobardi devoted over 20 years studying Ip Man lineage Wing Chun under
Sifu Jose’ Colon, and was a Co-founding member and former assistant instructor of the first Wing Chun Original Kung Fu Club in Atlantic County New Jersey which was formed in 1993 in Brigantine.  He is a fifth generation certified instructor of Ip Man lineage Wing Chun Kung Fu with over 40 years of martial arts experience.  Sifu Longobardi solely promotes authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu principles, theories and techniques (nothing added from other styles) as he was taught by Sifu Jose' Colon.  For, in the words of late Grand Master Ip Man "If Wing Chun could be simplified without losing skill, we would be developing the art to a higher level.  No one has managed to do so to date.  It seems that many have added to the system, but few have been able to simplify it".

Sifu John Longobardi has compiled numerous written materials, solely for the benefit of his students, regarding Wing Chun Kung Fu, some of which are entitled “The Ten Principles of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Principles of Body Use and Natural Power”.  He is dedicated to passing on Ip Man lineage Wing Chun Kung Fu to those of serious mind and heart.